New Blog

Not that you care, but I’m moving my focus to a new blog, Water-Damaged Library, which will be a strictly writing and essay blog. And not that I’m around on this one that much anymore anyway, but I’ll keep it as a dumping ground for selfies and pictures and whatever.

Anyway, if you have any interest in continuing to read my stuff (you don’t), head on over to Water-Damaged Library.

four salves for loneliness

I spend most nights on the porch like it’s a new room in Hell, breathing smoke and casting dreams to mix with the motor oil and pulled weeds floating in the gutters. Soupy rainbows, pocket universe shouldering up against one another, sliding across the dirty rainwater. I leave my front door unlocked most nights. I’m filling a jar up with screams to save for the day when I need them most. I keep it under my seat, holding open a place in a book whose beginning I’ve forgotten. 

March - today


Now, I’ve never given birth or designed a rocket, but I’m pretty sure building solid bulk muscle is the hardest thing a human being can do.